Mass Shooting in LA, Fox Station M-I-A

Another mass shooting has happen and the Fox O&O in LA is nowhere to be seen.

The shooting in which at least 12 people have been shot and a cop has been killed, as the shooting went down at an LA area bar.

The ABC, NBC and CBS O&O’s are live on the air, but Fox O&O KTTV is not.

At 1:30AM West coast time, all the O&O’s except KTTV were live on the air. The Fox O&O was showing a rerun of their late newscast.

At 5:20AM East coast time a check of the O&O’s websites all show they are on the story and have details on their site.

Here is a screenshot of the stations and you can see only The Firm’s KTTV is not covering the shooting:

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 5.19.07 AM.png

If people are not fired by the end of the day at KTTV, you have to wonder what the hell is going on at The Firm.

This is beyond embarrassing for a network O&O newsroom.

As for the stations that are actually covering the story, KABC is doing the best. Anchors Marc Brown and Michelle Tuzee have been since shortly after the shooting happened.

They have 4 reporters on scene, including Jory Rand who is doing a great job. Plus their chopper is overhead.