FNC Staffers Still Livid with Hannity

Fox News staffers continue to reach out to FTVLive and voice their opinion on Sean Hannity and his choice to campaign with Donald Trump in Cape Girardeau.

“This is the biggest black eye to Fox News and we’ve taken a lot of punches,” said one Fox News staffer.

“How can they (Fox bosses) let this happen?” said another.

The NY Times writes that by taking part in the rally, Mr. Hannity was crossing the line that had traditionally separated those in the news media — even opinion hosts like him — from the people they are supposed to cover.

These days, it seems, Fox News doesn’t have anyone drawing the line. It has been that way since the departure of Mr. Ailes, who was booted from the network in 2016 after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment and who died the next year.

One Fox News staffer tells FTVLive that, “This is the last straw…when my contract is done, I’m done with Fox News.”

FNC did well with their election night coverage, but it is still over shadowed by their big gun with the big ego.

At this point, many wonder who is running Fox News.

The answer is clearly, Sean Hannity.