Fox News Anchor: We're Not All Sellouts

Watch Fox and Friends in the AM and you see the Anchors are total sellouts for Donald Trump.

Comeback to Fox News in the evening and you see Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham all just parroting the Trump talking points and the GOP agenda.

But, Fox News host Martha MacCallum doesn't like it when critics paint Fox News with a broad brush. writes that MacCallum, the anchor of The Story who will co-anchor the network's live election night coverage for the first time on Tuesday alongside fellow news anchor Bret Baier, said the biggest misconception among Fox News critics is that the network and all its hosts are "state-run television" being run out of the White House by President Trump.

"Clearly Fox News overall and in our opinion sections leans right, there's no doubt about that. Just like CNN and MSNBC lean left," MacCallum said in an interview. "But I think we have terrific reporters across the board. And I think we have really strong panels and we have really strong political coverage. There are a lot of different voices here."

MacCallum said the views the network's opinion hosts hold don't factor into the stories she covers and the guests and experts booked to discuss the day's events. Obviously, Trump remains in the forefront of most cable news shows, but MacCallum also devotes significant airtime to stories involving the #MeToo movement and abuses in the Catholic church.

"I think that's one of the great things about the different personalities and the different professionals that make up Fox News, because we all have areas that have great meaning to us that we might do more on our shows that other people would do on their shows," MacCallum said.

As for Trump referring to the media as the “enemy of the people”, MacCallum says, "I just don't think it's a helpful phrase right now. I think that if the relationship between the media and the president cooled down a little bit, I think that'd be a positive thing… And I'm certainly not alone in that — there's a lot of people here who feel that way. There's people who work in the White House with the president who also wish that he didn't use that phrase.

"That being said, this president puts himself out there with the press more than any I have ever covered. Just look at the moments when he's getting on the helicopter, almost every day lately. He's stopping to answer questions… I think there's a lot said about this animosity between the press and the president, but the truth is he's out there answering questions all the time."

Problem is most of the questions come from Fox News and not anyone else.

Just saying…