Boozing it Up for Ratings

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It appears that TV stations think that alcohol stories will lead to higher ratings.

Tegna’s KPNX (Phoenix) did a story on craft beers that was really noting more than a commercial. Reporter Ryan Cody told viewers that craft beer will help them get “buzzed” quicker (news you can use) and he also drank beer in his story (right).

Years ago, a Reporter drinking on camera would have led you straight the GM’s office and then the unemployment line. Now, I guess it’s OK.

Over in Salt Lake City, Tribune owned KTSU also had employees drinking on the job, but there story had more of a news angle and was not just a commercial spot for craft beer.

Starting next year, Utah will have the nation's toughest DUI law, lowering the blood alcohol level from .08 to .05.

The station had people drink everything from cough syrup to hard liquor to see what put them over the line.