"They Threw Megyn's S**t Out Fast"

Word is that NBC wasted no time in ridding any sign of Megyn Kelly.

'They threw Megyn's s**t out fast,' an NBC insider tells Radar Online. 'Two show runners went into her office and a literally swooped everything off her desk and off the walls and threw them into two boxes.'

The source says this came just one day after Kelly made the controversial comments and on the same day she gave a tearful apology on Megyn Kelly Today.

'Nothing was handled with care, and some of the items broke, but nobody cares,' they added. 'The top [executives] just wanted there to be no remnants of Megyn and wanted her and her stuff out of the building immediately.'

Kelly is said to now be after additional money on top of her $69million contract payout and is threatening to expose executives and on-air talent to help her achieve her goals.

No one plays the victim more or better than Megyn Kelly.

H/T Daily Mail