We Lead, They Follow


On Tuesday, FTVLive presented the Best and Worst TV news people on social media.

Two days after we posted that, a website that often follows but never credits FTVLive announced that they have come up with and introduced its “inaugural" TVNewsCheck Social Media Excellence Awards to honor broadcasters’ exceptional innovation, creativity and audience engagement on Facebook.

The website picked Fox O&O WTVT as their first place winner.

It should be pointed out that the website also picked the Fox stations as station group of the year. Now they pick another Fox O&O as their social media station of the year.

Hmmmm? One might think that this website is completely in the tank with Fox (which by the way they totally are).

BTW- As FTVLive does every year, we will be naming our 2018 Best and Worst People in TV News soon on this website.

How long before that lesser website followers FTVLive on that one as well?

I’ll bet you $5 bucks a Fox O&O staffer will top their best list.