So Much for That Promotion

A couple of days ago in a FTVLive Patron story only, we told you that Raycom’s WTOC (Savannah) was bumping up Reporter Danielle Lewan to the anchor chair.

In a social media post about her promotion, Lewan wrote this:


The Urban Dictionary describes a “Hood Rat” as:

A hood rat is an often poor woman who engages in sexual activity like a prostitute, but without charge and without being coerced (compare slut). Let's get a couple of hood rats over for the party tonight.

It seems that having your brand new Anchor making derogatory remarks on social media is not a good look for the station.

after FTVLive posted the story, Lewan’s bio was scrubbed from the station’s website and her station branded social media accounts were deleted. In other words, it looks like her promotion turned into a firing.

So, let this be a lesson to all you people working in TV news. The next time you’re promoted, maybe just say that and not call the viewers “Hood Rats.”

Just saying….