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If you live outside of Houston, Texas, it’s a good bet that you don’t know the name Bob McNair.

Bob McNair owned the Houston Texas NFL team and he helped bring professional football back to Houston after the Oilers left town.

On Friday, Bob McNair died.

Needless to say it was a big story in Houston and all the stations covered the story.

But, only one station saw it fit, that while reporting McNair’s death, they decided to itemize his recent political contributions.

That station was Tegna’s KHOU.

The guy had just died and KHOU is listing his political contributions with the numbers. The station listed three of his last political donations by the amounts given.

One went to the local county Republican party and two went to political action committees.It seems that McNair, like many in Texas leaned Republican.

But as to why KHOU thought that his latest contributions should be part of the story of his death, seemed petty and out of place.

Did these political donations kill him?

McNair in his philanthropic efforts gave over $500 million to local schools and universities along with other charities.

Yet, KHOU felt the need to list the dollar amounts he gave recently to politicians. If they wanted to mention his political leaning they could have just said he contributed to Republican politics. They sure didn’t itemize actual numbers when speaking of other aspects of his philanthropy.

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