Is this Local News or TMZ?

Meredith owned WGLC in Atlanta reported a story that they admit might not be true and one that they don’t have the facts on.

New Reporter Brittany Edney did a story on NBA player Dwight Howard and the fact that he may or may not be sleeping with a man dressed as a woman.

WGCL says that, “His sexual orientation is not the story, but rather the validity of the rumor that a social media influencer is trying to spread.”

But, if his “sexual orientation is not the story” why hasn’t the station done stories about all the NBA players that have slept with women?

Edney says in the tag on her story about the allegations, “We don’t even know if these are true or not?”

Which of course makes us ask, then why the hell did you spend 4:00 of your newscast talking about it?

You can watch the story here, as it seems that WGCL yet figured out how to allow embedding of their video.