Joe and Mika Get Married

MSNBC’s morning duo of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski got secretly married over the holiday weekend.

Vanity Fair writes that the couple did not send out any formal invitations; they made about 14 phone calls to their family members and close friends, and none of the guests knew where the dinner was until Saturday evening.

They chose this date because people with prying eyes would be out of town, but it would also work with their kids’ school schedules (Scarborough has four children from two previous marriages; Brzezinski has two daughters from her first marriage).

“We wanted it to be really small and simple and not what you expected from Mika and Joe,” Brzezinski explained on Saturday. “Everything we do is exposed, and everything felt exposed every step of the way, so we want this to be private until it’s over. We wanted to recognize it more quietly and have the people who are most important to us around us. And you know, our show is a cocktail party every morning.”

Time will tell how this goes for the couple and MSNBC?

Stay tuned…