The Best and Worst TV News People on Social Media


Today is a special edition of FTVLive and we take a closer look at TV news people on social media. Some people really do it right and others, not so much.

Each hour on the hour, FTVLive will post the Best?Worst of TV news people and how they use and engage on social media.

It’s not about how many followers you have or likes and retweets, it’s about how you use the platform to promote yourself and your station.

Some people are really good at it.

Others suck!

Check back at 6AM (EST) this morning and each and every hour as we start the countdown to number 1 on both the best and worst list.

Do you think you made either list?

Keep checking back with FTVLive all day long to see.

Last but not least, Today is giving Tuesday. I hope each one of you will give some money, goods or cash to a charity. Help out homeless animals or homeless people, but please just help.