Hmmmm? Something isn't Right


Last week, FTVLive told you that Instagram was looking to purge fake followers and we wondered what kind of impact it would have on TV news people.

It is a good bet that the people that sell fake followers get a lot of business from people working in TV news.

But when will Facebook start the purge of fake followers?

Look at KLAS Reporter Sasha Loftis Facebook and you will see that she has over 48,000 liking her page.

But then you check her Twitter (by the way she blocks FTVLive on Twitter) and you see she has just over 3,000 followers.

On Instagram she is just under 1500.

So how do you have almost 50,000 followers on Facebook, yet you add up Twitter and Instagram together and you only get 5 thousand?

Also, a Reporter with just two markets under her belt and almost 50,000 likes? That does not add up.

Popular WCBS Anchor Kristine Johnson works in the nation’s largest market and she has 14,000 likes on Facebook.

You’re telling me a Reporter in Las Vegas has 4 times more than that.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that someone is keeping the fake followers company in business.