A New News Leader in Charlotte?


FTVLive FIRST told you that Cox was putting their stations on the block.

Now, it appears that while Cox is looking to sell, they have lost some focus on their stations. One of those being WSOC in Charlotte.

It’s a very close race, but WBTV could beat WSOC at 5pm and 6pm for the first time since 2011. It is going to come down to the last night and the two stations are within a hair of each other.

Look for both stations to pull out all the stops tonight to see if they can push them over the top.

FTVLive also FIRST told you that Cox owned WFXT News Director Mike Oliveria was sent packing to WSOC in Charlotte and insiders say he does not seem happy.

Oliveria spent years at Cox owned WPXI in Pittsburgh and then was moved to his hometown of Boston. After getting pushed to Charlotte, newsroom insiders say he acts as if he doesn’t care.

If his station WSOC loses to WBTV, you might see Cox moving Oliveria again.

Then again, maybe with the sale looming, Cox doesn’t really care either?

Stay tuned…