The Firm: Do Not Congratulate Her!!


When DC Anchor and FTVLive’s TV News Person of the Year Annie Yu crossed the street from WTTG to WUSA, she received thousands (yes thousands) of well wishes across her social media.

But, it seemed odd that none of her coworkers at Fox owned WTTG did not congratulate her on the move?

Well, it turns out that management at WTTG ordered their people not to “openly congratulate Yu on her move to WUSA.”

“We were told not post on Annie’s timeline,” said one WTTG staffer to FTVLive “This is how petty they (WTTG management) are” the staffer added.

Longtime WTTG Anchor Tony Perkins did not post any congrats, but he did post some love last night.

No word is Tony will be called into the corner office today to answer for his post?

It’s just another example of the bullying by station management at The Firm.