Taking FTVLive to Task for Rollover Story


Yesterday, FTVLive posted a picture of WBBH’s news car sitting on its top in the middle of the road.

We made a couple of cracks and a few people at the Ft. Myers station called us in sensitive.

Morning Executive Producer April Reilly emailed FTVLive and said:

Your post about our reporter getting in an accident was upsetting, to say the least.
She could have been seriously hurt and you are making light of a horrible situation.
This was a traumatic event and her live shot was the last thing we were worried about.
Thanks a lot for the well wishes ....

It should be pointed out that FTVLive never named the MMJ that was involved in the crash.

Leah Carr the 6PM Producer emailed and said in part, “The woman who was in that car is one of the good ones. We almost lost her.”

Tiffany Myers, Executive Producer of Special Projects wrote FTVLive and said, “I can tell you the response from people on the scene was incredible. We saw through cell phone video that many bystanders rushed to help her before emergency crews arrived. Many prayed for her safety, believing she must be seriously injured or worse. Many cheered when she crawled to the backseat, and, with the help of strangers, got out of the car. She was stunned, dazed, frightened.”

So, you’re telling me that some bystanders were not helping and just standing around shooting video on their phones?

I think I would be more angry at those people than FTVLive. I can assure you that if I witnessed an accident, I would be one of those that would be in there helping. Not standing around shooting video.

Station insiders tell FTVLIve that the Reporter is a bit sore, but she is expected to be OK.

As we said, FTVLive never named the Reporter and we made light of the fact that a news car was sitting upside down in the middle of the road. It was not a fatal crash and while sore the Reporter did walk away from the vehicle.

FTVLive got email for 43 other people that were giving us their captions for the photo. Bastards!!!

If you want to call us immature for seeing humor that a news car was flipped over, we’ll go along with that.

We never claimed we were Mother Teresa.