This is Tegna...

Some people working at Tegna’s WKYC (Cleveland) are grumbling that the new boss has put news on the back burner.

Back in August, FTVLive told you that WKYC had hired a new News Director, although Adam Miller is referred not as News Director, but as 'Director of Content.'

And while the company took “news” out of Miller’s title, it seems fitting that he has taken “news” out of the newscasts.

Miller came to Cleveland from a producer gig at NBC's Today Show and it has said that he wants to make WKYC’s morning show into a mini Today Show.

In other words, long on features and short on news.

With stories like this:

Staffers at the station are worried that taking news out of the newscasts is not the way to go. But, this is what Tegna is doing across many of their stations and it seems the future of news, may not include news.