Comcast Fires Racist

Comcast fired a decade long employee who flashed a racist sign while wearing his company shirt on Twitter.

Comcast canned Andrew Kovalic after a petition was circulated saying that he was a member of the hate group, “Proud Boys.”

The petition that called for Kovalic’s termination was created and sponsored by the Philadelphia-based nonprofit Media Mobilizing Project, which often scrutinizes media and telecommunications companies like Comcast.

The petition directly addressed Comcast CEO Brian Roberts:

“Employing Andrew Kovalic, a member of the hate group the Proud Boys, is an embarrassment and an insult to the communities of Philadelphia and the country. […] Comcast should terminate his employment immediately, and state clearly and publicly that it will not tolerate racist and fascist speech, organizing and actions from its employees.”

In a statement to Philadelphia magazine, Comcast said, “There’s no place for disrespectful, offensive behavior in our culture. The individual is no longer employed by Comcast.”

H/T Philly Mag