Nexstar Anchor Pleads Not Guilty on Child Endangering Charges

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WKBN (Youngstown, OH) Morning Anchor Dan Martin was arrested after leaving his infant daughter alone in a running, unlocked car while he was inside a drug store.

Martin entered a written plea on “Not Guilty” in the case.

Police were called to the parking lot of a CVS shortly before 6:30 pm Monday when a woman heard the sound of a baby crying coming from an SUV parked outside the store.

The woman told police that she saw an unattended infant in a car seat inside the SUV.

She said the car's engine was running and the doors were not locked.

The woman told officers that after about ten minutes a man came out of the store and told her it was his baby. By then a police cruiser had arrived.

The store manager told police that when she became aware of the unattended infant, she searched the store until she found Martin in the back of the store. She said that when Martin was told that police were on their way, he left his shopping cart in the store and returned to the car.

Police, who say Martin's SUV could not be seen from inside the store, reviewed surveillance video and saw Martin enter the store at 6:16 pm. Police got the call about the unattended baby about ten minutes later and arrived at the store at 6:28 pm.

According to the police report, Martin told officers that the baby was fussy, had just fallen asleep, and he didn't want to wake her while he ran into the store to “grab a few things”.

While Martin told the officer he was aware that the SUV's doors were not locked, he said he kept the car running so the heat remained on.

After being read his rights, Martin was arrested on one count of child endangering.