Boris and Brian

It looks like CNN media critic Brian Stelter has blocked Sinclair’s Trump cheerleader in chief Boris Epshteyn and Boris is not taking it well.

Sadly, neither one of these two our Journalists and they really deserve each other. I guess breaking up is hard to do.

Don’t be sad Boris. Brian Stelter used to follow FTVLive on Twitter and then he quit doing so after one of our stories about him.

It was a rough time after Brian unfollowed us. But, after months of therapy, we are able to get through this traumatic time.

We’re sure you can do it as well Boris.

Hang in there.

BTW- I don’t think that CNN’s lawsuit against the White House will ever make it to trial (Trump will cave before than) but if it does, I’m betting CNN wins it. So Boris, I’m not so sure it is frivolous. But you keep trying…. OK?