Cleveland Reporter Found Dead

Reporters in Cleveland are shaken over the death of a fellow journalist.

FQDTUIAFXJBLDJEE72BIW4DXPI.png.jpeg culture reporter, Nikki Delamotte, was found shot to death along with her uncle, in a trailer park. Delamotte’s mother said Nikki went to reconnect with her uncle, after her parent’s divorce.

Delamotte was 30 and the uncle, 67. editor Chris Quinn said Delamotte was the “embodiment of kindness” and never failed to leave an impression on people. She also had a special ability to tap into pop culture trends.

“What I appreciated most were the unique perspectives she brought to brainstorm sessions -- her ability to make me see things I would not have considered otherwise,” Quinn said. “She had strong positions and backed down from no one, but she did so with gentleness and, always, respect. She was such a bright light, and Cleveland has a dimmer future for her loss.”

Before, Delamotte contributed to the Cleveland Scene.