Suspicious Package Turns Out to be T-Shirt


The bomb squad was called to WKYT (Lexington) after a suspicious package was found in the station’s parking lot.

The package had no postage and was addressed to "ABC News Director."

"The call to Lexington police was made because a package found in the parking lot by live trucks 30 minutes after a man without an appointment at the station, demanded to speak to a reporter and was peeking into windows," News Director Robert Thomas said.

Turns out the package contained a t-shirt saying "unite to fight childhood cancer."

The station and Thomas gave this story much more attention than it deserved, only because the story involved them.

If this story happened at the local insurance company, it likely would not have even been reported.

Wow! How did WKYT Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey keep his cool, while a T-shirt laid in the station’s parking lot?