Here Comes Michael

While Hurricane Florence seemed to take forever to get to land, Hurricane Michael is not wasting any time.

Micheal just become a hurricane yesterday and by Wednesday, he is expected to pound the Florida Panhandle.

Stations in the area are working fast to catch up on their coverage of this fast moving storm. Shelters are in full speed mode to be prepared in time.

At first it was thought that the hurricane would hit Florida as a Cat 1, but now experts are saying it could be a Cat 3.

That alone will add millions of dollars in damage and sadly ups the chance greatly for loss of life.

As for the FTVLive World Headquarters? The storm should pass to our north, but we will see a lot of rain and possibly some tropical storm strength winds.

It’s the Panhandle that people should be worried about.

To the news crews… stay safe, cover the story, don’t make it about you and don’t look like an idiot standing in the storm.