NY Anchor Sues Station

Back in September, FTVLive told you that when the billionaire Dolan family sold the News 12 franchise to Altice USA, they had say that they written into the sales agreement that Altice would "protect News 12’s legacy, including its employees."

As part of the deal, Altice agreed to maintain at least 462 full-time employees at News 12 and their salaries through at least the end of 2020, even if it meant incurring up to $60 million in losses.

Altice laid off around 60 employees, including Anchor Colleen McVey. McVey, joined the Dolan family in the lawsuit.

But, Altice said that Patrick Dolan helped Altice in deciding who would be let go.

Altice responds with: "The indisputable facts show that, for at least 18 months before bringing this lawsuit, Plaintiff Patrick Dolan not only assented to, but in fact led, the very conduct Plaintiffs now seek to enjoin," Altice wrote in its reply to the lawsuit.

"Pursuant to this plan, approximately 60 positions were eliminated, bringing the number of full-time equivalent employees at News 12 from approximately 450 to 390."

"In particular, Mr. Dolan helped to:. . . determine the number of positions that would be eliminated pursuant to the restructuring, and shape the severance packages for the affected employees."

“Plaintiffs insinuate that these efforts included the planned termination of Ms. McVey for discriminatory reasons. This charge is both baseless and legally irrelevant to their claims. Altice categorically denies that it has engaged in any discriminatory conduct."

H/T Daily Voice