And Now It's Gone


Back on October 1st, FTVLive shared a video with you that Tegna was sending out to their best clients.

The company is looking to take their top clients on safari in Africa and wine and dine them. Meanwhile, many people that work at Tegna stations tell FTVLive that their raises have sucked if they have happened at all.

After FTVLive posted the story and the video, Tegna pulled the video down off of YouTube.

Those “top clients” that logged in to see the slickly produced video were met with this screen:

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 3.35.57 AM.png

The Tegna suits were really proud of their “safari” video, right up until the time FTVLive posted it for everyone to see.

We hear the safari is still happening, despite the fact that video is no more.