This is Just Plain Wrong


It happened again. One police officer was killed and six other law enforcement officers were wounded in South Carolina on Wednesday after officials reported an "active shooter" situation in Florence.

Hearst owned KOCO in Oklahoma City was streaming the shooting on their Facebook page.

KOCO tried to make it look like they had a way of sending your prayers or a direct line to God for the victims by you clicking the “heart” button on their Facebook page.

In reality, if someone hit the love button to “send a prayer”, they just boosted traffic to KOCO’s page. And let’s be honest, that was KOCO’s real intent of trying to get people to engage with their content.

If it was just about the story, they would not have created the “send your prayers” button.

Are the grieving families in South Carolina that lost love ones looking for blessings from the ABC affiliate in Oklahoma City’s Facebook page?

At a time when many feel “thoughts and prayers” are a cop out and mean nothing anymore, KOCO found a way to discount thoughts and prayers even more and turn it into to generate more web engagement, disguised as a message of support.

I’m sorry, but this is disgusting.