The Firm's O&O in New York

It used to be that Journalism was a respected profession.

A Journalist was held to high regard, but that is no longer the case.

And Journalists dressing up for Halloween does not really help the cause.

Think about being wheeled into an operating room for some major surgery. As you look at the doctor, nurses and the anesthesiologist, they are all dressed up.

The doctor is dressed as Bozo the Clown, one nurse is dressed as Lady GaGa, the other is MMA fighter. The anesthesiologist is dressed as Donald Trump.

How are you feeling about this surgery now?

You confident all will work out?

As a Journalist, you are trying to earn the respect and trust of the viewers. Imagine that a couple has just moved to NYC and they turn on Fox O&O WNYW for the first time.

This is what they see….


Dressing up for Halloween is great if you’re 10.

But you now have a job in which you want people to respect and trust you. Maybe it’s time to grow up and ditch the costumes.

Just saying….