NBC Does Not Want to Pay Megyn Kelly Out


NBC made the huge mistake of hiring Megyn Kelly and now that they finally realized that, the network is trying to avoid paying out her contract.

NBC cuts ties with Kelly after her “blackface” comments and now the network wants to use that as the reason not to pay out the rest of her contract.

Deadline writes that NBC News boss Andy Lack has made it clear in talks with Kelly’s reps that a hefty payout for the rest of her $69 million contract is a non-starter.

About the blackface comments, “This crossed a line for us and no one wants to reward what was unacceptable behavior by Megyn or anyone else,” said an NBC source.

Lack made an awful hire in Kelly and just about everyone knew that, except for Andy Lack. Now, it appears that Lack is trying to save some of the money he wasted on Kelly.

While at Fox News, Kelly made comments that Jesus was white and so is Santa, so her take on blackface halloween costumes, should have come as no surprise to Lack.

In the end, expect NBC to end up writing Megyn Kelly a big check to go away. It might not be the full amount of her contract, but it will have a lot of zeros after the first number.

And, while NBC is kicking Kelly to the curb, they might want to think about doing the same to Andy Lack. Is return to NBC has been a bust.