"Fox News is a Cancerous Propaganda Organ" (Updated)

FTVLive has been saying for months how cable news is doing more to divide this country than President Trump, the Republicans or the Democrats.

Tuning into CNN and watching them drone on about how awful Trump and the GOP gets nauseating. The same can be said for MSNBC.

Tune into Fox News and it the same message from the opposite side.

Zac Petkanas is a Democratic strategist and was a frequent guest of Fox News. He would appear on FNC to try and stick up for the Democrats, which Fox News was tearing down on a daily basis.

But, Petkanas wrote an op-ed piece on Mediaite saying he is done with Fox News and he didn’t mince words.

Petkanas wrote, “But now I believe the only thing to do is walk away and call out the network for what it is: a cancerous propaganda organ doing lasting damage to our country.”

He went on to say, “Fox’s producers and on-air talent don’t view themselves simply as part of a conservative-leaning news outlet that responsibly approaches policy discussions about tax cuts and health care from a right-of-center perspective. They see themselves as political operatives whose job it is to help the Republican Party acquire and keep power.”

While one talking head is stepping away from Fox News, you can bet another is looking to take his place and continue the yelling, screaming and crap that cable news is known for.

But, this problem does not lie just with Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are just as guilty.

Cable news has hurt Journalism more than Trump screaming “the enemy of the people.”

FTVLive has talked to numerous people that believe that the media is “fake news.” But, when we sit down and talk with these people and ask them why they think that? ALL of them give examples and ALL of them point to someone or something on cable news.

It would great in the cable news stations would just drop “news” from their brand and just label themselves what they really are. Opinion hosts and actors that have total disdain for the other side.

Cable news is helping tear this country apart along with the politicians and neither one of them care as long as the checks keep clearing.

Update: A fox spokesperson sent us this statement, “We encourage all voices to come on Fox News to help us inform and exchange ideas with our vast and engaged audience.”