Here's the Problem

We see more and more Journalists spouting their personal opinions on social media and it hurts the industry as a whole.

When you elect to become a Journalist, you should sign on to the fact that giving your personal thoughts and beliefs is not part of the job.

Most real Journalists register as independents and cover both sides of a story. They keep their personal beliefs to themselves and never talk about who they voted for.

But now it seems the younger generation of people in TV news think that it is ok to give their opinions, despite the fact that it then throws their credibility as a Journalist out the window.

But, we know more why this is happening.

Stevan Kalb (pictured) teaches Journalism at the University of Connecticut. This is a guy that is guiding the future of students that want to go on and become Journalists.

This is a post he made recently to his social media:

Would you call this post unbiased?

I don’t think so.

What message does this send to his students? If their teacher is posting his personal beliefs, don’t you think his students see that?

If kids are being taught that this is OK in school, how are they supposed to learn how to be an objective Journalist?

Maybe it is time that UConn finds some better teachers that will guide the next batch of Journalists in the right direction.

Just saying….