Former DC Weatherman is Brought into Kavanaugh Saga


Of the 3 accusers of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Julie Swetnick is the one that most people are paying little attention to.

Swetnick made claims against Kavanaugh that not many though were true.

Now, a former DC Weatherman is being asked for his thoughts?

Dennis Ketterer was a Democratic congressional candidate and is also the former weatherman at WJLA in Washington.

Swetnick, a federal employee, claimed she witnessed Kavanaugh engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct, including nonconsensual sex, during multiple high school parties.

Ketterer alleges he had a relationship with Swetnick in the 1990s and that when he asked her father whether he should bring her on to his campaign, he told Ketterer she had psychological problems and other issues, according to excerpts from the statement released by the committee.

Ketterer said Swetnick had never mentioned being assaulted or gang raped, and in fact had expressed interest and experience with multiple partners as something she liked.

"[B]ased on my direct experience with Julie, I do not believe her allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh,” he said.