Adding News in Sin City


Sources say that without much notice, Nexstar owned KLAS (Las Vegas) is adding a new newscast and it starts Today.

The 3-3:30 PM newscast begins Today and that means the station is cutting back the pay for play show Las Vegas Now to a half hour at 3:30-4.

The move was announced on station’s newscasts with a number of staffers finding out about the move when it was announced on-air.

Two years ago KLAS moved a pay to play show in place of its top-rated 4 PM news. It was a disastrous move that pushed them into the gutter from first place to last in the time-slot.

Evening news Anchor Christianne Klein and Chief Meteorologist Tedd Florendo have been tapped to anchor the new newscast.

Sources say that management is telling them that the additional newscast is a temporary move that will only last until the end of the year.

It seems that Nexstar is making more news spots available for campaign money to come rolling in.

Stay tuned…