Sorry, We HAVE to Call You Out

When President Trump made a stop in Indiana, WISH sent Statehouse Reporter David Williams to cover the event.

That’s Williams in the double breasted coat holding his phone.

As Trump got closer, Williams turned around and tried to snap a selfie of him and the President. I’m thinking your station sent you there to try and ask Trump some questions and not to take a selfie with him.

The President is standing a few feet in front of you and there is any one of a million questions you could ask him.

Instead, you turn around and snap a selfie?! Are you F’ing kidding me?

If I was Williams News Director, we would be having a meeting about why the station is giving him a paycheck?

You’re a Journalist, act like one.

Here’s the video of what happened. Skip ahead to the 5:15 mark to see what we are talking about: