It's Both of You!


CNN wants to blame President Trump for the country being so divided.

Trump wants to blame the news media.

Guess what? In a rare case, both Trump and cable news are both right.

FTVLive has said it before and we stand by what we said. Cable News has done as much or more than anyone else to divide this country.

Tune into CNN and you will be led to believe that Trump and the rest of the Republicans are completely evil and are trying to ruin your life.

Tune to MSNBC and you get the same thing.

Flip over to Fox News and listen to the complete hatred of the left, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Never mind the fact that Hillary Clinton is not, not will ever be President, Fox News continues to mention her each and everyday.

Sure, Trump is also to blame, but his words are circulated on cable news and then either praised or panned, but which ever side you want to watch.

FTVLive has talked to the few real Journalists that working inside the CNN, Fox and MSNBC newsrooms. Many say they are embarrassed by what their respective network have become.

“They are making money and lots of it, but how Jeff Zucker can put his head on the pillow at night baffles me,” said one CNN staffer to FTVLive.

A Fox News staffer tells FTVLive that money and ratings are the driving factor at FNC as well. “They know they are dividing this country and they don’t care,” the Fox staffer said.

Cable news should take a real hard look at what they are putting out to the viewers, but they won’t.

They’ll just keep making bank deposits while continuing to ruin this country.

How sad is that?