NBC Pulling the Plug on Megyn Kelly

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NBC sources tell FTVLive that Megyn Kelly and her failed morning news experiment is coming to an end.

Almost, 2 years ago, FTVLive wrote this:

Kelly is now looked at as an enemy of the right, ever since her clash with Trump and helping get Roger Ailes fired. But, at the same time Kelly has never been liked by the left. So, in other words, what the fuck is NBC thinking?

This experiment will fail.

Trust us....

And we added this at the time:

It will fail and most likely NBC will pull the plug after 2 years.

Well, here we are almost two years later, and it appears that FTVLive might have been dead on the money once again.

Kelly is said to be fuming, after her Today Show co-workers threw her under the bus for her comments about wearing blackface on Halloween.

Kelly has hired and attorney and it appears that the two sides are now working on a separation agreement or at least getting her off the Today show.

It is said that Kelly is pissed and she wants to go after NBC.

We hate to tell NBC that we told you that it was going to end badly, but we did.

Her talent agency, CAA has also cut ties with Kelly. That basically means that even her agents don’t want to work with her and they basically see her as unemployable in TV.

Kelly’s latest racist stumble is just one of the many reasons NBC needs to let her go, but it may have also been the last straw.

The hashtag #MegynKellyCanceledParty is trending on Twitter and people are tweeting about Kelly being dumped.

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FTVLive said this experiment would fail and it looks like we hit the nail on the head.

But, watching this end so badly, doesn’t make us question Megyn Kelly, we knew she would implode. It makes us question NBC management and how anyone thought that this was a good hire.

Megyn Kelly deserves to be bounced and NBC might want to send some others with her.

Bye, Felicia.