Suspect Shot at DC Station was Known to Staffers

Yesterday, FTVLIve posted the news that a WTTG security guard shot a man in the station’s lobby.

Long before police released the name of the unarmed suspect that was shot, insiders at the Fox O&O were telling FTVLive who they thought it was?

“I would not be surprised if this guy’s name is George Odemns,” said a WTTG employee to FTVLIve in a text.

Insiders say that George Odemns would send bizarre and rambling emails and many of the employees were worried that something like this would happen.

Police did release the suspect’s name and sure enough it was George Odemns.

Video showed Odemns kicking in two glass doors at that the station, before he was confronted by two station security guards. Police say Odemns was unarmed.

One of the two security guards shot Odemns one time in the chest. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Court records show Odemns was charged with murder in 2002, but the case was dismissed.

“He sent emails to a number of people here at Fox 5,” said one employee to FTVLive. “I’m not at all surprised that something like this happened,” the employee added.

Proof as to why TV station management should take all threatening emails seriously, no matter what.