Uncle Perry Wants Nexstar Employees to Help Out

A number of staffers at WMBB (Panama City) had their homes damaged or wiped out during Hurricane Michael.

Nexstar CEO Perry Sook, who made $20 million dollars last year wants Nexstar employees to pitch in and help those that were affected by the storm.

He sent this email to the all the employees of Nexstar:

From: Perry Sook
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2018 2:59:11 PM
To: Staff - All
Cc: Board of Directors

Subject: Nexstar Nation Employees In Need

It’s time for the Nexstar Nation to come to the aid of our fellow employees in their time of need. As you know, Hurricane Michael devastated portions of the Gulf Coast of Florida, particularly in the Panama City area served by our ABC affiliate WMBB-TV. Thankfully, none of our employees were injured in the storm, but we now know that 30 of our fellow staff members suffered damage to their homes, including some who lost everything. Here is how the Nexstar Nation can help. Nexstar has set up a Go Fund Me page; https://www.gofundme.com/wmbbpanhandlestrong and you may use this link to make a direct contribution.

If you would prefer to donate by check, please make it out to Nexstar Broadcasting, note “Panama City” on the memo line, and send it to our CFO Tom Carter at the Corporate Office address in my signature line below. Nexstar will match every dollar raised by employees in this effort through the end of November. Please do not reply to this email and certainly don’t hit reply-all to 9,200 of us. I hope that you will find it in your heart and in your wallet to be able to support fellow members of the Nexstar Nation in their time of need. Best, PAS

Perry A. Sook
Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

One Nexstar Anchor tells FTVLive that he recently signed a new contract that paid him thousands of dollars less than the previous contract. He feels he has given enough to the company already.

Other Nexstar employees are wondering why the company just doesn’t step up and pay what is needed and not ask employees to pitch in.

Others wonder if this will become common to any employees that suffer a hardship in the future?

“I had a fire at my home and Perry Sook didn’t ask for the Nexstar nation to pitch in and help me,” said one staffer to FTVLive.