Calling Out a Sinclair Station


Reporter Josh Moody worked for the News & Advance, the daily newspaper for Lynchburg, Virginia. He is now a contributor for Forbes.

Moody when on a bit of a Twitter rant against WSET, also in Lynchburg.

Moody cited example of example of what appeared to show the Sinclai station’s habit of lifting his material and not giving any credit to him or the paper.

Moody cites more examples of what he says is flat out plagiarism by the Sinclair station.

We know how it feels, as FTVLive gets our material lifted on almost a daily basis.

It’s sad that some will not give credit where credit is due. Thankfully for FTVLive, judging by all the emails I get, you people know who the thieves are.

And we thank you for that.