Sheldon Cooper at 6PM

In almost every market, you can turn on the local station at 6PM and see a newscast.

But not in Lansing and at WSYM.

The Scripts station was running a newscast at 5:30PM and it was not doing well in the ratings and they are now going to try pushing the newscast back an hour.

The 5:30PM newscast now starts at 6:30PM and the Big Bang Theory will be their lead in.

“A lot of us in Mid-Michigan work until 5 or later and our lives just get busier from there. For all those people who are stuck in traffic or taking their kids to practice or making dinner, we are providing an opportunity for them to catch up on their day at a more convenient time,” WSYM GM Gary Baxter said.

The station aired this promo about the move where they superimposed their news team with the cast from the Big Bang.