Judge Drops Discrimination Lawsuit

Let’s go to the videotape!


Longtime NY Sportscaster Warner Wolf has lost his age discrimination lawsuit against Don Imus – because he lives in Florida.

The New York Post writes that Wolf, best known for his “Let’s go to the videotape!” catchphrase, alleged in his suit filed in February that the shock jock had routinely mocked his senior status before firing him in 2016.

But in a ruling released last week, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice James d’Auguste wrote that the 80-year-old Wolf’s residence in the premier state for retirees means the suit fails on jurisdictional grounds.

“Due to the fact that Wolf is a Florida resident that worked in Florida, he lacks any viable claims…since the impact of any alleged discriminatory conduct would have been in Florida,” d’Auguste wrote.

The judge noted that Imus lives in Texas, raising another question of jurisdiction.

Imus, 78, made “inappropriate” remarks about Wolf’s age like "time to put (Wolf) out to pasture" and "shoot him with an elephant dart gun," according to the suit.

But d’Auguste wrote that those examples did not rise to the level of age discrimination by Imus — since he is also old.

“The only specificity contained in complaint are stray comments made by Imus, a member of same protected class as Wolf,” the judge wrote.

Wolf’s attorney Doug Wigdor vowed to appeal.