ABC Station Denies Booking War

Jeff Hoover and Snoop

Jeff Hoover and Snoop

A couple of days ago, FTVLive showed to a post from WGN Morning News Executive Producer Jeff Hoover.

Hoover claimed that WLS’s show Windy City Live was strong arming their guests and telling them not to go on other shows in Chicago.

It looked like the start of an old fashion booking war.

But, WLS Windy City Live Senior Producer Hank Mendheim denies that there is any booking way and he says that Hoover’s post was wrong.

It seems the spat was over the booking of Rapper Snoop Dog.

In an email to FTVLive, Mendheim writes, “I thought I should let you know that Snoop’s publicist completely denied this ever happened. She called WGN producer Tyra Martin to discuss and Jeff Hoover removed his post after they spoke.”

It does appear that Hoover removed the post.

It also appears that if there is not a “booking war,” it sure seems there is a bit of bad blood between the two shows.

Stay tuned…