Trump Back on Fox


Donald Trump talked to Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney and you got hard hitting exchanges like this one:

STUART VARNEY: We have a very special guest, President Trump just walked into the room. I stood up and shook hands and he’s with us right now. Mr. President, thanks for being with us.

DONALD TRUMP: Well it’s only because I like your show.

VARNEY: Oh, thank you very much indeed sir.

TRUMP: I watch you.

Stuart Varney might want to dust off the space for the Emmy right now.

This is Trump’s 37th time that he has talked to a Fox outlet. Next on the list is the New Yourk Times in which Trump has talked to 6 time, or 31 less times than he has talked to Fox.

Last on the list is CNN, which Trump has talked to 0 times since being elected.

While he was running, CNN had Trump on several times a day.

But the bromance ended and CNN has been locked out ever since.