Responding to the Bullies


KARE (Minneapolis) Anchor and Reporter Jana Shortal was attacked by an online troll and she used the incident as an opportunity to stand up for any and all victimized by bullies.

Shortal was responding to a woman who had regularly bullied her on Twitter.

Instead of firing back with vitriol, Shortal told the woman that she's proud of who she is, inside and out. She later tweeted at her bully: "Ask yourself how you would feel as a mother of three girls if someone tweeted this to them on a public forum?"

"I did it for every kid out there who endures being the 'other', who suffers the long hallway of ridicule, who sits alone in her/his/their room at night and wonders if it will ever get better," Shortal wrote in a message posted to Twitter.

Shortal shows that when they go low, you go high is often a great way to respond to the trolls.

Here is what she posted:

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.35.01 AM.png