This is Not Journalism

As TV Reporters are asked to do more with less, Journalism is getting left behind.

It seems as if Tribune's Salt Lake City station KSTU has gotten into a habit of interviewing the Reporters at the local newspaper for stories.

I have never been a fan of Reporters interviewing Reporters, but it seems to common for KSTU.

This week, for example, on a story about a local concert venue that the feds allege was being run with drug money, KSTU only interviewed the crime reporter who wrote the story for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Also, the story is slugged “First on Fox” and maybe should have been slugged “First in the Paper.”

On a story about female candidates concerned with a call from the Mormon church for women to 'fast' from social media, KSTU talked to a Salt Lake Tribune Reporter that spoke to a candidate. Here’s a thought, why not go talk to the actual candidate yourself.

Which makes this even worse, it appears that the Reporters for the paper are just plunked down in front of a flash cam and interviewed without the KSTU Reporter ever having to leaving their own building.

Taking lazy reporting to a whole new level.

I know that the Salt Lake Tribune is the “media partner” of KSTU, but it seems if the paper does all the work and KSTU just jumps on their back and promotes them.

This is not Journalism in anyway shape or form. Maybe it’s time for the Reporters at KSTU to put down the paper and go outside and try finding their own news.

Just a thought….