HLN to Become Robin Meade Network


HLN which stands for “headline news” is basically getting out of news each day after 3PM.

Yesterday, the network said that they are drastically cutting back on its live programming, axing all shows with the exception of Morning Express with Robin Meade and the afternoon program On the Story.

Robin Meade has been the one bright spot at CNN and her show is being expanded by 2 hours and will run from 6AM to 12PM.

On the Story will run from Noon to 3PM and after 3 p.m. on weekdays, HLN will consist entirely of taped programming.

So if news breaks after 3PM, HLN will not have it.

It also means that many of Jeff Zucker’s castoffs from CNN are out of a job.

Carol Costello, Ashleigh Banfield and Michaela Pereira are all being kicked to the curb.

When all 3 were kicked off CNN and sent packing to HLN it was played up as a “promotion” and a great move.

It was not and now they are soon to be without a job.

H/T Mediaite