Debating the Debate

Tegna owned KENS in San Antonio hosted a debate last night between Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke.

FTVLive told you that Tegna suits were putting pressure on KENS to make the company look good. They even went so far to bring in people from WFAA to hold the hands of KENS staffers.

So….how did it go?

It seems that the livestream to Tegna stations dropped out several times and that WFAA had some tech glitches of their own.

Many Journalists were not happy that KENS did not provide a clean feed of the debate so they could pick bites for their own stations packages.

Journalists said they were “shocked” that the station did not provide the feed, which had been standard at other debates around the state.

After the debate, KENS had their Anchors in the 10PM newscast standing at the podiums used by the candidates.


Who thought that this was a good idea?

It looked just plain odd.