Always Be Pimping

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you the internal memo that KDVR/KGWN General Manager Joan Barret sent to on air talent, asking them to wear station gear and act more like the greeter at Walmart.

FTVLive has obtained another memo from Barret, telling Anchors that they always need to be pimping the next newscast, no matter which station it is on.

She writes, “please tease to the NEXT show even if it’s not on the same channel.”

With on demand programing and the invention of DVR’s, the days of appointment television are all but over for viewers. Not sure telling a viewer at 6:30PM to “make sure you tune into our 10PM newscast tonight” is really going to make viewers do just that.

But hey, I’m guessing some consultant was paid thousands of dollars for this “gold nugget” of advice and that ratings will increase tenfold just by doing this.

Then again….maybe not.

Here’s the memo:

From: Barrett, Joan

Sent: Monday, October 15, 2018 10:26 AM

Subject: Push to NEXT show

Please read and note:

End of Show – please tease to the NEXT show even if it’s not on the same channel. We can and should include the next show on the SAME channel – but driving to our NEXT newscast is something we want to do. ESPECIALLY in breaking and big weather situations. Producers – please put this in your formats – so we write it and do it.

For example – end of 7 PM Sunday night. We said – join us on Daybreak. We should have said – we will continue to follow our record breaking cold – as we are in a Pinpoint weather alert – join us for the latest at 9 and 10 PM on our sister station FOX 31 – and when you get up – Chris Tomer will have the latest on Daybreak. Could even add – and to have the latest weather info – make sure you have the Pinpoint weather app.

Put it in the rundown – script it – put it in the formats. Start doing this today please – every show.