The Rise of Sinclair

The New Yorker is out with an article about the rise of Sinclair Broadcasting.

While much of the article is stuff you likely already know, it is still worth the read.

The article highlights David Smith (pictured), the man that basically controls the Sinclair empire.

Talking about when Sinclair took over their first station WBFF in Baltimore, they write:

Sinclair had recently introduced its first hour-long newscast, after David pointed out that Baltimore was one of the only top television markets without a 10 p.m. national news program. Soon, under David’s direction, Sinclair began buying new stations. “I didn’t want to be a digit head; I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” David told Forbes in 1996. “My father was too much of a visionary to care about profits. What I wanted was purely to make money.”

That quote says everything you need to know about Sinclair.

Read the full story here.