Fake Network Recruiter Preys on Female Talent


There is one recruiter that works for a network that seems to a bit of a skeeze. He talks to the women via Skype and tells them how pretty they are and how he thinks he can land them a job. He even talks about having them come to New York, so he can meet them in person.

The network in question should look into this guy’s actions, because he makes the talent he is interviewing feel very uncomfortable.

Then there is the “fake NBC recruiter” that seems to be doing the same thing, but this guy goes way too far and as far as we know, he is not employed by NBC at all.

We want to share part of a post from a female talent that got a call from Fake Jake and let you use this as a warning.

If you get an unsolicited call ask for their number and tell them you will call them right back. That gives you the chance to do a quick Google search on the number and the name of the person calling and see if it comes back legit.

As for the scummy recruiter that really does work at a network? We know who you are, we know what you practices are and it might be time to clean up your act.

No female should feel weirded out talking to a network recruiter.

He is a portion of the post on the fake recruiter and stay safe people: