It Was Not My Choice

KOVR Anchor/Reporter Bethany Crouch has left the CBS O&O in Sacramento, but she says it was not her choice.

Crouch told the Sacramento Bee that KOVR had informed her in May her position, once considered her “dream job,” would be eliminated Oct. 9.

Now it looks like she may never return to TV news.

Crouch’s plan is to pursue her own content creation. She says she’s in the process of releasing the pilot episode of her podcast, called “The Turned On Life.” It will be dedicated to people living “inspired, conscious, awakened lives,” discussing their life successes and failures.

Since she knew she would be leaving TV nearly six months in advance, Crouch has had time to reflect on her goals and aspirations. For now, they don’t involve TV news, which had been her career for the past 15 years.

“I would feel very comfortable putting a bow on this and saying, ‘That was a beautiful experience,’” Crouch said.

The best thing about working for yourself?

No one ever tells you that your contract is not being renewed.

Just saying…

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