Just want to clarify one story that you saw on FTVLive a couple of days ago.

FTVLive posted a story showing a smiling KABC Meteorologist Kimi Evans in Florida waiting on the hurricane.

Evans figured that using a filter on her phone that gave her some sexy shades would be a good way to show how SHE is preparing for Hurricane Micheal.

We said that KABC had sent Evans to cover the story. But, Evans emailed FTVLIve and said “I came to visit friends, so I'm on vacation.”

Working or on vacation, not sure posting this selfie as a storm that is going to cause death and destruction.

But hey, if you want people to know that the station didn’t pay you to post the selfie and you can up with the idea all by yourself.

Let this the record straight.

As of yesterday her smiling selfie was still up, but it now appears that she has taken it down.